How to Professionally Butcher a Chicken


Learn to efficiently dismember a chicken and your wallet will love you. Not only will you save money by avoiding the extortionate cost of a pre-cut bird, you can also make your own stock for later. Win/win.

We’ve signed up Richard Coates, co-founder of London’s best barbecue joint Bodean’s, to school us in the art of manly cooking. He’ll be covering everything including culinary hacks like pimping a humble can of baked beans, full-blown meal inspiration like searing a steak to perfection, and essential kitchen skills like this 60-second masterclass in chicken dissection. Poultry preparation just got a whole lot easier. 

Check back next week for lesson three: How to pimp your baked beans…

Video of How to Cut a Chicken into 8 Portions | Richard Coates

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